Mermaid Magic: Ocean Hunt

News, Updates & Fireworks

Stable Public Release V6 in the house!

This was a long awaited update, which was less of an update and more of a rework of the entire game core, which included redoing everything for server and scripts.
Significant updates are:
Server has more control so SL Scripts have lesser load, which also means the functionality is a bit more dynamic. For several issues, we’ll just be able to change server code instead of having to roll out an update.
In past, objects used single script, which I assumed to be more efficient, but over time, it got overloaded and ran out of memory, also didn’t support several required parallel functions. With multiple scripts, the processing is faster and there are lesser crash points.
We’ve added a LandController to the mix, which replaces owner HUD and will be the hub for all land control. It allows you to do time limited Rush, publicize your parcel and even auto fund your items if you feel like during rush.
We are very excited about this update and hope you enjoy this.
We also thanks Mermaid Magic community members who supported with the development and were pivotal in the success of this project.

Recharge issue with v4 Fixed

So today Boenkerop tells me she lost some money trying to refund a big coin and I'm thinking why on earth would that happen. Which lead me to discover a bug in the "new and optimized" (lol?) code, fixed that and now recharges are working just fine. Yet, if you feel like something smells fishy, contact us. You can always hit contact to find a person to send an IM to.

LC Mins and Public Requirement Changes

First lets see what Active Credit is. If an item pays 0.1L$, it is 0.1 Active Credit. So if I put 10 items worth 0.1L$ each, my total Active Credit becomes 1L$. So it doesn't matter how much you recharge.
Secondly, Active Items are the ones that are active (not deactivated), spawned (not hunted and gone invisible) and not showing any error eg Out of Funds or Server etc.
How it currently works is, if you successfuly set it to Public, your LC remains in public mode, even if server drops it from listing due to lower than minimum requirement. So once the requirement is met, the listing is visible again.
Seeing how hard it might be to maintain good active item stats, we've decided to make some changes. Now de-spawned items count as active items. Credit limit is removed and item limit is set to 10. However, as before, the locations with more active credit show on top.

Future of Current V4 and HUDs

The older system has been deprecated and we encourage users to update as soon as possible. Lifespan of this system is 30 days from the release more or less, after which it will stop functioning.
After the deadline, all previous stuff will be useless, however, you will still be able to update your older items with the new V6 ones.
Update process is simple. You copy the ID of item from its description and paste it in update dialog of new item. Older items will have to be deleted manually.
As for players, once HUDs stop working, you're supposed to just delete them as the new system doesn't require HUD to work and you can hunt without one.

Why did v5 die so quick

Due to some miscommunication, the test release was sent out to public, after which we found some issues. Fixing the issues meant, the v5 available at this point is no longer useful, unless that accidentally happens. We are working on it some more instead of tossing out a hasty release to avoid several successive updates to the annoyance of our Land Owners, even though we know you love updating the stuff.

So the currently funded items?

Just leave the items there until they die off. As you are aware, new update system requires that you just have a UUID and know the exact type, which means, if you want to delete or have stuff not working, you can write UUID and Type (like Blue Coin) in a notecard. On release, you will be able to make copies of those items.