Mermaid Magic Rules

Here are some general rules for all players to follow:
  1. Click one object at a Time, that means you click an object wait for the timer to countdown to zero seconds then answer the captcha question, After you answered the captcha question you may then and only then Click on the next object and repeat the timing process.
  2. No pushing anyone to get an advantage, this includes using pushing tools. If you are push unless it happens in Magical Desires, the Staff and myself cannot do anything to help you. You must contact the Land Owner that has the objects on their land for help. You may also report them to LL via the A/R process.
  3. No sitting on Hunt Objects, since the issue with people pushing off on objects has been fix with the 4.23 Update, we notice people abusing the system by Sitting on the Hunt Objects, or clicking one and then sitting on another. We no longer allow for you to sit on objects as this is a Unfair advantage that has been happening lately.
  4. Don't go off to find the next object while the countdown in still going on your current object. Clicking a second object could result in getting banned from Hunting in Mermaid Magic.
  5. No Drama in the Group Chat - We don't mind you chatting in the group, but do not attack others or talk about other Hunting or Fishing systems by name. If you must talk about other systems don't mention their names. (This also includes Fishing Systems), If you want to do a Rush and also offer a Fishing Event then mention your doing a Rush & Fishing Event but do not say the name of the Fishing System in the Mermaid Magic Group Chat. Also keep mindless chic chat to a minimum please this includes saying stupid things thats not useful to hunters or land owners.
  6. Respect Mermaid Magic Staff and Owners, which includes all staff that work at Magical Desires, This includes Pole Fashions and Kimmy's Club. If you have an issue you can ask for help at Magical Desires.
  7. Respect Mermaid Magic Land Owners - Be grateful they are funding the objects and spending Lindens to fund the game. Land Owners may ban players from their lands, Don't ask me to intercede on your behalf.
  8. Please do not ask Mermaid Magic or Magical Desires Staff about Bans that happen outside our control. You can ask about Bans at Magical Desires but must be done via a Private IM not in Group Chat. Also don't expect Lita to be able to help you with a Land Owner ban unless you been banned on one of Lita's Stores or at Magical Desires Sim.
  9. These kind of Bans happen automatically via the Casper Security orbs. they include being under age (under 30 days at Magical Desires Sim and 3 days at the Stout Location. you can also be banned for having to many scripts (more then 160 scripts and also for Flying) if you have been orbed banned you can contact Lita or a member of the Magical Desires Staff to get the ban removed you will be expected to obey the rules previously mention. Also when asking its helpful for me to know the location where you been banned at Magical Desires Sim.
  10. Land Owners that use a "Manager" to manage their lands must follow Mermaid Magic rules as well. while its ok for a Manager to hunt objects its not ok to ban someone else that was on an object and then take the object by using a ban method. this is an unfair advantage on the part of any land owners staff, If a Land Owner Staff uses banning power for a valued reason such as Hunters breaking either Mermaid Magic Game Rules or the Land Owners Wishes then that will be considered legitimate ban, but if the Staff Member bans someone for hunting an object and the staff member wants to take that object for themselves then that would not be Legitimate. I've had a few reports of a Land Owner Staff member banning a player then taking the object that the hunter was waiting on.
If you fail to observe these rules, you could be either Temporary or possible permanent banning from the Game. I prefer not to ban people, but if I am force to I will. I may also just ban for a few days or hours to get your attention (you will be warned before a permanent ban). Some other steps I could do is removing access to certain parcels in the Sim or the whole sim (Magical Desires) itself.