Land Controller

Land Controller is the HUB for item management in parcel, as well as other owner related operations and so, items can not work without a controller present in the same parcel. It can publish your land SLURL on web for players to find your land.

Item Selection
You can select a Category or set it to all. Selecting a category sets Type to all. Once a category is selected, you can select subtype or set it to all.
This handles the Activate/Deactivate functions.
This activates or deactivates the items that fall under your category/type filters.
Refreshes data for all items on the parcel for the owner.
This allows you to start a rush on the parcel for all items owned by you. The time options are upto 60 minutes and after starting rush, selecting a time value again adds to the previous counter. Once the timer is over, or you click End in rush dialog, rush ends.
During the rush, each item respawns after 5 seconds but does not override once-per-day hunt item limit.
Setting a parcel public means it will publish land SLRUL to MM server for players to see and visit. If controller is offline due to low item count, or parcel access, the LC is stuck to private mode.
However if your LC is public and you don't want the land to be published, you can set it to Private and the SLRUL is removed from all listings and remains that way until you put it back in Public mode.
Auto Fund
This option is only active during Rush if enabled by owner and is disabled on items once rush is over, however the setting to auto fund or not has to be set manually. Autofund will automatically fund each item that ran out of funds during the rush. The recharge is 5 times the payout of the item.
Active Item Count
Active items are the ones that can be hunted. So non active items are the ones out of funds or deactivated or frozen etc.
Credit Value
Credit value is sum of single payout of all the active items on the parcel owned by you i.e. the owner of LC.
Online Listings
If you are having a rush and/or your LC is in public mode, your LC's current location is or may be published to MM website under any of the sorted listings or leaderboards.

Hunt Item

Hunt items are the core of this game, which allow players to hunt and gain credit for their time spent.
The items are connected to MM Server, however at times, if server doesn't respond, the items show server timeout, which merely means server wasn't able to respond in the given time and you could try again.
Items do not rely on player HUD to reduce lag. All the hunt process is handled on server.

Registering a new Item

To register an item as new, you simply click Recharge button, grant debit permissions and pay the item the desired amount.
The item will register itself with the server, acquire a name and account ID which will be reflected in item name and description.

Adding Funds to Items

From item's management menu available to owners, you are able to click "Recharge" to add funds to the item which can then be hunted by players.
The amount added to item is a percentage of what you pay, which depends on your account tax, which also alters the minimum amount you can add to an item.
Only item owner can pay the item. If paid by someone else, the amount is refunded. An incorrect payment will result in refund and no further processing will occur.

Minimum Funding Amount

Minimum amount and item requires is based on the item payout (the amount that will be paid to a hunter for each hunt). At the same time, minimum amount you pay will be different as it will include tax amount.

On initiating recharge, chat shows the minimum funding amount and the quick pay buttons are set in multiples of minimum amount with option to pay desired amount more than the minimum.

Updating an existing Item

On the update dialog, you can click update and provide the UUID (from description of the previous item) in the textbox, you register the new item as a replacement for the previous one.
Both the updated to and from items need to be of same type, as the titles can be seen on owner's management menu. In case of error you get an error. If the error message is generic, that means you entered a UUID not registered in server due to typing mistake.
Update process will fail if you are not the owner of both items.

Refreshing the item reloads data from the server, nothing fancy here.