Welcome to Mermaid Magic

The hunt system of your dreams!

This guide will help you start your hunting career with Mermaid Magic, onward and updaward Hunter!

Step 0: Are your Registerd?

Click any item to find if you are registered with the game.
If by fate, you are not registered, find the fish which is available on every parcel that hosts MM items. Clicking it gives a player various fun options, one of which is to register.
Once registerd, your account is created with us, no personal information required, and you're ready to hunt, earn and brag.
A HUD is not needed for hunt, but is available as optional accessory. You can use it to see your balance and jump around, if you like.

Step 1: Find an Item to hunt

There are a lot of items MM has published, just find one and click it to begin your hunt.
The item sample for reference can be seen at MM HeadQuarters, mostly they are coins, jewels and hearts.
Make sure the item is not having any errors on its head, like "Out of Funds" or "New Blue Heart", Or "Hunting/Waiting/Checking". Those items won't work for you.'

Step 2: Click the Item

So now that you have found the item, make sure you are close enough. The range to click is 3m. If you are far, item will tell you to walk closer.
Once clicked, the hunt timer starts with you name on it and remaining time, plus if you're lukcy, you may hear a sound
Stay within range of the item, if you walk away, your hunt will end and there is a small time panelty for doing so during which you will not be able to hunt.

Step 3: Claiming your Reward

Once the hunt timer is finished, the item sends you a message to click it again to claim the reward. The time limit for this is same as the capcha question and you have to hurry.
Click the item and it will send you a question, no riddle, just an eyesight test. If you pass that, the money and fame is yours.